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Traffic calming – Safer route to school

(100% funded by AC Lloyd)

A rare opportunity to make a real difference to road safety in the parish for residents, pedestrians, cyclists & car drivers.

Many thanks to all those that attended the pre-consultation presentation of the proposed traffic calming / safer route to school scheme. The constructive feedback & also the positivity surrounding the scheme were most welcome. This feedback was given in writing to WCC & I subsequently walked through each point raised with Debbie Poynton physically on the ground.

The scheme has been designed using the guidelines laid down by the Department for Transport & contained in the Local Transport Note 1/07 Traffic Calming (2007). Wherever practical / possible & within the DfT (Department for Transport) guidelines the feedback from the pre-consultation event has been included in the scheme design. For instance, the speed table has been extended further up OWR past the old school.

However, other good ideas like an island at the bottom of CH / OWR or shared cycle pedestrian use of the path up the LHS of CH are not possible due to valid engineering constraints. Some other areas of justified resident concern such as the Bloors end of OWR or the CH / MR junction are unfortunately outside of the scope of this project but are high on the list of aspirational projects for the PC should we be able to identify a funding source.

The final consultation document is now available to view here. In addition, I have included my presentation to residents from 12 Jan which includes the speeding data for OWR & the slide about the expected (reduced) noise levels from vehicles travelling over the speed table.

The deadline for feedback is 8th March. The aspiration is for construction to occur over the summer and this is likely to take around two weeks.

Your contact for feedback is Debbie Poynton (01926) 412076 or email debbiepoynton@warwickshire.gov.uk.

In addition, if I can help clarify matters in any way please email leigh@bishopstachbrook.com.

Funded opportunities to make a real difference on the ground will not come along too often. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The PC hope that you can support the scheme.