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68,449 tons of CO2e* – That’s our collective annual contribution to global warming!

It’s a sobering figure that we, as residents, consume 30,233 tons of CO2 pa which works out as a carbon footprint of 24.2 tons CO2 per household.

Even more disturbing is, thanks to the M40 running through the Parish, the total territorial footprint is 68,449 tons – that is 54.8 tons of CO2 per household of planet-destroying carbon. CO2e* is the standard measurement in carbon accounting and also includes all the other exhaust gases that harm our health with every breath we take.

These frightening statistics are calculated using the Centre for Sustainable Energy’s (CSE) community carbon impact tool

On the webpage, select Civil Parish and type Bishops Tachbrook into the search window.  See how Bishop’s Tachbrook compares with nearby parishes such as Harbury or Wellesbourne

Developed by Exeter University and CSE, the impact tool is designed to calculate consumption and emissions produced at a parish level. As you will see the results are calculated from a range of sources including goods and services consumed, food & diet, housing, agriculture, waste, industry & commerce. But overwhelmingly road transport skews the figures owing to vehicles driving up and down the M40 day and night.

Time is running out, 2050 is only 28 years away: we have to change our lifestyles right now to protect the planet and ensure our children will enjoy a healthy life.

12 actions you can take that will have a positive impact

2 in 3 of us are concerned about the impact of climate change yet only 1 in 5 know what action we can take to reduce our impact and over a third of us would like clearer guidance on what would make a difference and where to start.

Knowing what you can do to make a difference and where to start can be tricky, especially when we’re bombarded with so much jargon and abstract information in the news; it can sometimes feel like everything has a bad impact! What can we do to live more ‘sustainably’ and what does that really mean? How can we do more for the planet and reduce those 68,449 tons of CO2e*.

There are 12 actions you can take that’ll have a positive impact, individually and collectively:

  1. Extend the life of your clothes
  2. Switch short car journeys to cycle, walk or take public transport
  3. Reduce energy use
  4. Halve the amount of meat you eat
  5. Eat more seasonally and locally grown food
  6. Cut food waste
  7. Switch domestic and short-haul flights to travel by train, coach or boat
  8. Consider electric or hybrid travel
  9. Repair or recycle all electronics
  10. Switch to a green pension & an ethical bank
  11. Commit to buying peat-free compost
  12. Switch to a renewable energy tariff

Making changes can be hard, so be easy on yourself and remember to take time to celebrate whatever you do.

Let’s start today!