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Art workshops helping young people to reflect on the pandemic

Warwick District Council has partnered with local artist and director of ARTLAB Libby Esler to work with young people aged 11 – 16 to create a series of art installations that allow them to reflect on how the pandemic has affected their wellbeing.

Schools and youth groups from across the district are creating 50 flags through a series of 10 workshops, allowing them to reflect on the past couple of years and look forward to the future. In addition, they will be provided with information and access to art and mental health services available in the area.

The roving pop-up installation will see the flags, designed in the style of Tibetan Prayer Flags, placed on poles in a circle for people to wander through, enjoying the designs and allowing them to reflect. The flags will carry the feelings that the young people have inscribed on them, and they will be blown away into the wind, providing a breathing space to usher out what has past and bring in what is yet to come.

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