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BBC Local Radio relaunches Make a Difference: Give a Laptop

The success of the local BBC radio Make a Difference campaign continues into 2021, offering advice and putting people who need help in touch with volunteers. It also shares details of help and support from organisations and individuals in your local community.

As schools return to online learning, local BBC radio stations have relaunched the Make A Difference Give A Laptop campaign to help provide access to laptops and devices for children and young people in need. BBC radio stations are asking households up and down the country to donate old laptops and devices that are likely to be discarded or thrown away to help pupils in need of digital device.

All 39 local radio stations have launched the campaign by providing details of specialist charities across the country that will safely wipe donated devices before distributing them to local schools.

For more information on how you can get involved in the BBC’s Make A Difference: Give a Laptop project, visit the Make A Difference website and click on the Give a Laptop tab.