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Broadleaf Tree Planting commences at Oakley Wood

A winter restoration programme at Oakley Wood to promote the establishment of native broadleaved trees is now nearing completion with the planting of hundreds of saplings.

The work which is being undertaken by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust in partnership with Warwick District Council, has seen the removal of conifer trees planted after the Second World War. This is to provide more light and space for the native species to grow, helping to return the ancient woodland to its historical form.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is the leading local environmental charity which works for people and wildlife in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull. The Trust looks after over 65 reserves, we are a voluntary membership organisation supported by more than 23,000 members and 560 volunteers.  We promote a better natural environment for local wildlife and local people as part of our aim to create a living landscape in the West Midlands where wildlife and local people can live and thrive together. For more information see . Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has set up a page for woodland management frequently asked questions at

Woodland management plans

The woodland management plans being implemented by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust in partnership with Warwick District Council have been written in agreement with and approved by the Forestry Commission; this means that the plans have met UK Forestry Standard approval criteria. All planned felling is in accordance with approved Forestry Commission felling licenses. More information on the UK forestry standard can be found at

Various reputable sources describe sustainable woodland management in more detail such as the Royal Forestry Society and the Woodland Trust found at


Ash dieback

More information on ash dieback can be found at

Anyone interested in volunteering for the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust should visit their website.