New booking system introduced at Christchurch Gardens Tennis and Basketball Courts

25/04/2022 Health and wellbeing

In partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), Warwick District Council is introducing a new online booking and gate access system at […]

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Support for victims of abuse and crime, and other advice services

12/04/2022 Health and wellbeing

Here are a range of services that can help to provide someone with support and advice: Support services for victims of crime […]

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Council seeks views on proposals for the District’s tennis facilities

30/09/2021 Health and wellbeing

Following the recent upgrade of the tennis courts at Victoria Park and Christchurch Gardens and the planned upgrade of further courts in […]

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South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust expands MyCare patient portal

09/09/2021 Health and wellbeing

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust has expanded their MyCare in Warwickshire patient portal to the vast majority of outpatient hospital services and […]

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