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Box Clever Together – Be part of the St Chad’s Centre Trust virtual food bank

When the St Chad’s Centre Trust was set up, one of its principal aims was to improve the living conditions of everyone in the Parish. Right now, as many of our residents struggle to cope with the challenges of life under lockdown, we’d like to step up and help those who are finding it hard to buy groceries and feed their families. With social distancing measures in place, local food banks have become more difficult to access and the ones that are operating, are finding themselves inundated with requests for support.

Here’s how you can help.

Let’s Box Clever Together

To ease the burden on our community, we want to set up a virtual food bank to support families and individuals in difficulty. Working with local partners, those who are close to residents and able to identify who might benefit from the scheme, Trustees plan to purchase food boxes of basic items from supermarkets and for delivery directly to those in need. The Box Clever Together scheme would also be open to anyone in the Parish whose circumstances have been adversely affected by the crisis and can demonstrate the need for some short or long term support.

What will it cost?

A food box that would be expected to feed two adults for a week costs £35. To feed a family of 4 it costs £70.

If you feel able to sponsor a box for a family who, through no fault of their own, may be unable to buy basic provisions, then please contact us on the email address below. You can choose to support the scheme with a weekly or monthly box – but If you’d rather give a once-off or regular contribution, no matter how small, that would also be brilliant. Every little helps at this difficult time.

Make a one-time donation

Set up a recurring payment

Get in touch

One lesson that this crisis has taught us is that we depend on each other more than ever.

We also know that the social and economic impact of Coronavirus is immediate and extensive. Vulnerable individuals and families in our community are feeling the pain right now – and they need our help. The Box Clever Together scheme has the support of the Church and our Parish and District Councillors, who are doing all that they can to help alleviate the situation for those being hit hardest. So, please join us and be part of a home-grown initiative to feed families on our doorstep.

Contact us at bct@bishopstachbrook.com