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Community Speed Watch

Written by Leigh Carter and originally published in the Parish Magazine (May).

Community Speed Watch is a Community Forum driven initiative that enables local communities, supported by Warwickshire Police, to become involved in reducing harm and fear arising from inappropriate traffic speed on local roads.

Trained community volunteers monitor vehicle speeds with approved devices at risk assessed sites identified as priority community concerns. Where speeds are inappropriate, Warwickshire Police send notice to drivers to encourage them to reduce their speed in the future. Where drivers fail to take notice of community concerns, they may become subject to Police led speed enforcement activity.

Bishops Tachbrook CSW Team carried out patrols in September 2013 and January 2014.

What the CSW recorded

  • 262 cars clocked at 36mph or over along Oakley Wood Road. The drivers of all of these cars received a letter advising them of their speed and reminding them that there is a 30mph limit.
  • The highest recorded speed was 58mph.
  • Of the speeding cars travelling down the hill towards Leamington 17% were travelling at more than 40mph.
  • Of the speeding cars travelling up the hill towards Oakley Wood 37% were travelling at more than 40mph and 11% greater than 45mph.

Bishop's Tachbrook Community Speed Watch recorded data

More traffic calming measures

It would seem that the flashing 30mph signs do work at slowing the traffic heading towards Leamington.

The parish council are trying to obtain an additional flashing 30mph sign to slow traffic as it enters the village towards Oakley Wood. The data suggests this would halve the number of cars travelling over 40mph and eliminate those travelling over 45mph.

All residents of the village will benefit, in particular those living along Oakley Wood Road and those trying to cross the road from Savages Close. Drivers using Oakley Wood Road will benefit from lower closing speeds just as the road narrows reducing the likelihood of collisions and reducing their severity should the worse happen.

CSW will continue

Speeding is not just dangerous but a source of increased emissions and noise pollution.

With the projected increase in traffic along Oakley Wood Road due to the housing contained in the local plan the control of speed through the village is critical to the well-being of residents.

The next patrols are scheduled for May where there will be an additional position on Mallory Road near the entrance to the village