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Response to extreme speeding through Bishop’s Tachbrook

The Parish Council has written to the PPC to voice our residents’ concerns about the extreme speeding in the Parish in recent weeks.

Here it is in full:

Following your invitation in the Leamington Courier for feedback and to raise issues on policing and community safety in the community, Bishop’s Tachbrook Parish Council would like to share with you concerns expressed by our residents.

Whilst we all appreciate that this is an unprecedented time and particularly challenging for our emergency services we have received a number of emails relating to extreme speeding on Oakley Wood Road, Mallory Road and Harbury Lane. With the roads clear of traffic and, an absence of community speedwatch and police speed cameras, some drivers are driving very fast through our parish.

Residents and councillors are claiming that these speeds have never been seen before on these roads. They are worried for their safety and the safety of other road users especially at a time where we are seeing an increase in cyclists.

Your assistance in this issue would be appreciated.