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Traffic calming – A safer route to school

When a major development is constructed, it is usually the case that a contribution is made by the developer to the Local Authority
for upgrading and improving the local infrastructure. To satisfy planning conditions relating to the Grove Farm development, AC
Lloyd has made funding available for a traffic calming scheme along Oakley Wood Road in Bishop’s Tachbrook.

The objective of the proposed scheme is to reduce vehicle speeds passing through the village to improve road safety and the surrounding environment for residents, pedestrians and all road users. As part of this scheme Warwickshire County Council
will also be implementing a safer route to school between the Leopard Public House and Bishops Tachbrook C of E Primary

The features & benefits of the scheme will be presented at a public meeting to be held at Bishops Tachbrook School at 19.30 on the 12th January 2017 to which all interested residents are invited.


Traffic calming