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Council steps up action on fly-tipping in Sydenham

Warwick District Council is deploying a series of mobile CCTV cameras across the Sydenham area of Leamington to combat fly-tipping.

Installed around the estate within the next month, the cameras will act as a deterrent to would-be fly-tippers whilst providing valuable evidence for the Council to carry out enforcement action against anyone that is caught fly-tipping.

Signs will also be erected to warn people of the consequences of fly-tipping, with offenders facing a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice or an unlimited fine and six months in prison if the offence is taken to court.

The cameras will be monitored by the Council’s CCTV control room staff 24 hours a day.

The impact of this trial will be studied, with a view to redeploying the cameras to other hot spot areas in the district.

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