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Covent Garden multi-storey closure and alternative parking available in Leamington Spa

Following the closure of the Covent Garden multi-storey carpark on 12 February, extensive work has been completed to make the building safe and to ensure that all possible access points have been secured. This has included the installation of anti-climb mesh panelling. CCTV and fire alarms will remain in place for security purposes until the demolition programme begins.

Warwick District Council is keen to advise residents, businesses and visitors of the location of alternative car parks in and around Leamington Spa town centre.

Although parking spaces are no longer available at Covent Garden multi-storey, all car parks managed by the Council including St Peter’s Multi-Storey, Chandos Street, Bedford Street and Rosefield Street still have some capacity, with plenty of spaces available at Adelaide Bridge at both weekends and during the week.

The Council would also like to remind motorists that they can take advantage of the car parks in Old Town including Court Street, Bath Place, Packington Place and Station Approach, with lower rates of £3 per day.  Additionally, there is free parking available at the Council offices at Riverside House, Milverton Hill from Monday to Friday.

Details of the Warwick District Council operated carparks in Leamington Spa are available on the website.