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Join BT Team Zero and make changes to beat climate change

We are killing our planet and denying our children a future. It’s a threat far more dangerous than the present pandemic. If we act now, we can do our bit to help reverse the effects of climate change. By setting up a resident run action group, BT Team zero, we can help make our community carbon neutral. The aim is to raise awareness, provide information and instigate projects that will help build a resilient, sustainable community for future generations. It will require major changes to the way we do things and run our lives.

Bishop Tachbrook’s commitment to achieving a sustainable future is described in the soon to be adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan. The purpose of BT Team Zero is to provide residents with practical solutions and a framework that will help make it happen.

There are many areas to cover, waste reduction, recycling and repairing things instead of throwing them away into land fill: making our homes energy efficient: installing community solar farms and wind turbines plus expert advice on electric transport, cars and bicycles. BT Team Zero will develop a programme of events, projects and talks from leading experts. We will also build close links and benefit from the experience of nearby Parishes, Barford and Snitterfied that have already set up climate change action groups

If you are interested in joining BT Team Zero, especially if you have expert knowledge, or simply want to do your bit to help in any way you can, contact Martin Drew, BT Parish Councillor:

In light of the Corona Virus emergency, the first meeting to discuss setting up BT Team Zero will be online.