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New programme engaging with rural communities on climate change

A new programme to empower rural communities and give them a voice for local climate action is underway across South Warwickshire.

The South Warwickshire Climate Engagement programme sees Stratford and Warwick District Councils engage with the public to support and influence local decision making on climate change.

The programme will deliver rural public participation aimed at:

  • Ensuring the District Councils understand, and respond to, the issues facing rural communities in climate action planning.
  • Supporting local people to take action in their communities towards a sustainable rural future.

A steering group has been formed made up of District Councillors, officers, Parish & Town clerks, the Warwickshire Association of Local Councils (WALC) and members of the community involved in local climate action. This is supported by The Involve Foundation who deliver the Local Climate Engagement Programme which has enabled the initiation of this project and related training.

Parish Councils are currently working with the programme to map out current climate action and resources in their local community so future public participation can build on the unique and various qualities of our rural communities.

Local community representatives from South Warwickshire’s rural town and parish councils or community groups who are interested in working with the programme should make contact at