Welcome to Bishop's Tachbrook

An interview with Corinne Hill

Corinne has been Bishop’s Tachbrook’s Parish Clerk for over a year, although she has seven years’ experience being the Parish Clerk for Gaydon.  It wasn’t until I interviewed Corinne I realised what a varied job it is!  Not only does it involve taking minutes at Parish Council meetings and writing a piece for the magazine, Corinne also deals with the financial administration side such as bookkeeping and managing the budget.  She liaises with the County and District Councils with regards planning applications and any other issues which may affect the Parish.

Having already taken on the Parish of Gaydon where she lives, I asked Corinne what attracted her to take on the additional Parish of Bishop’s Tachbrook.  Living on the outskirts of Gaydon means few neighbours and little opportunity to meet people within the village.  Corinne used to work full time in London but got married and moved up to the Midlands.  Her children Alex and Ed followed and so she gave up work but being a new mum in a rural community meant feeling somewhat isolated.  Not being one to shut herself away, Corinne became Gaydon’s Parish Clerk to meet people and get involved in her community.  Bishop’s Tachbrook is a bigger Parish which is more of a challenge to co-ordinate and administer but it also means there are even more people to meet and get to know!

Having been a Parish Clerk for over seven years, Corinne was already well qualified to be our Clerk.  However, she has also gained her CiLCA – a Certificate in Local Council Administration – which involved demonstrating her skills to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) who award the accreditation.   It’s good to know our Parish is in such qualified hands!

Despite working the unusual hours required of a Parish Clerk, Corinne squeezes in a number of hobbies including taking her Great Dane on walks, horse riding (although she doesn’t have a horse of her own) and keeping sheep.  I imagined Corinne popping out into her back garden to feed a couple of lambs she had reared, but on closer interrogation I find she keeps 30 sheep!  I jokingly suggested they are useful to keep the grass down but unfortunately in Corinne’s experience they also keep the plants and the shrubs down too – apparently they are tastier than boring old grass!  The Easter holidays are a busy time for the Hills as they lamb over the Easter break which must be a fabulous time in their household.

All in all we are very lucky to have Corinne looking after the administration and finances of our Parish.  Well qualified and friendly are the best two qualities we could wish for and we’ve got them both in Corinne.