The Tachbrook Country Park will be a new, exciting and vital amenity. Not only will it provide a dramatic open space at the heart of our community, it will also provide green links between our residential areas. These connections are a key theme of the Bishop’s Tachbrook Neighbourhood Development Plan and will help us come together as our community grows.

The project is being delivered by the district council but the parish council has a seat on, and currently chairs the steering board.  It is complex: there are three separate areas of land being acquired and there is also the important connection and relationship with Oakley Grove School to consider, which is being delivered in parallel by Warwickshire Country Council.  The parish council will become the freeholder of the site and a lease will be granted to the district council who will then operate the country park.

It feels like we have been awaiting the arrival of the country park for a long time. It is a priority of the steering board to start to open the country park to residents, as soon as possible; but the the same time ensuring that the cost of delivery is contained. The current approach is to open the park a section at a time. With outline design and consultation complete the next step is the planning application and once submitted the procurement process will commence.

The Neighbourhood development plan includes a search area for an extension to the park, to the south of the current project. The parish council is actively working with the district council to make this extension, a future reality.

Visit the Warwick District Council website to learn more about the Tachbrook Country Park.

Tachbrook Park Masterplan