Bishop’s Tachbrook Parish Council, as the qualifying body, has prepared a Neighbourhood Development Plan with the help of the community.

The Bishop’s Tachbrook Neighbourhood Development Plan (BTNDP) has been through two formal consultation processes where the views of parishioners and other interested parties have been received, considered and, where appropriate, acted on. The plan has now been assessed by an independent planning inspector and the changes suggested incorporated into a final copy.

Download the neighbourhood plan here

Vision and objectives

By 2029 the parish of Bishop’s Tachbrook will have developed into a cohesive community that encompasses both new and old areas of the parish; environmental protection and sustainability will be at its core. Our new Country Park, valued green spaces and woodland will provide the green lungs of the parish. All areas will be connected by a network of footpaths and cycleways.

Local services and amenities will be developed and enhanced. The development of small businesses will be supported and encouraged. We want the parish of Bishop’s Tachbrook to be a fantastic place to live and work in To achieve this vision six objectives have been identified for the BTNDP:

  1. To protect, enhance and give greater access to the natural environment of the area, including its landscape, geological assets, archaeological sites and wildlife habitats.
  2. To promote healthy living and encourage sustainable transport (such as walking and cycling) to reduce demand on the local highway network and improve road safety.
  3. To ensure the parish has the appropriate open space, recreation and community facilities to support present demand and future projected growth.
  4. To protect and enhance the historic village centre of Bishop’s Tachbrook by ensuring that any development within the Conservation Area is sympathetic to current buildings and landscape.
  5. To ensure that new housing is in a suitable range of sizes, types and tenures, to meet assessed local needs for market and social homes.
  6. To protect the environment, ensure sustainability and tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions to as close to zero as possible by 2030. A commitment that is incorporated in Warwick District Council’s “Declaration of a Climate Emergency Action Plan”

Planning Policies

The following policies will be used to help determine planning applications in the area and so shape the future of Bishop’s Tachbrook as a place to live and work in, and to visit. The BTNDP’s Policies have been prepared by the Steering Group on behalf of the Parish Council and following public consultation.

For more information on Neighbourhood Plans go to the Warwick District Council website.