Welcome to Bishop's Tachbrook

Meet some Bishop’s Tachbrook Mums

Being a new first time mum in a rural setting can be quite a daunting prospect, especially when you’ve had a caesarean section and have been advised not to drive for 6 weeks. Fortunately, I was not on my own for long as a friend I had met through Bishop’s Tachbrook Parish Magazine knew of another mum in the village also looking for some company.

Becki had given birth to Noah at the start of February 2013 and once she was out and about she pushed a note through my door inviting me over for a cuppa. From there the BT Mums group grew and grew! Beth and I had known each other since working together 9 years ago and co-incidentally both named our little girls the same name, albeit Beth having an ‘Isobel’ in December 2012 and I had an ‘Isabelle’ at the end of February 2013.

Next came Kim and Daniel, born in March 2013, who I befriended at a coffee morning and recruited to our group.  Then I sold Laura a baby related item through Facebook and she joined us with Lucy, born in May 2013. We wondered if there were any more mums in the village who would like to join us and so I put a message in the magazine in November and lo and behold there were more of us!

Emma and Sarah are both second time mums with Harry and Ava-Grace respectively, who are both 4. Sarah had Timothy in December 2012 and Emma just snuck into the academic year with Ellie born at the very end of August 2013.

We meet up a few times a month on a Monday or Friday afternoon depending on who’s around as unfortunately most of us have gone back to work.  We each take it in turns to host which, as a new mum, is great because you can have someone else make you a cuppa when you don’t have any spare hands!

It’s been really nice to have friendly faces so close by in the village. I needed to borrow a Bumbo so popped over toEmma’s to use hers. Beth was making lemon drizzle cake and ran out of eggs so borrowed one of mine (she still owes me a slice of that cake!)  Becki’s little boy Noah was tiny when he was born and she gave some of his clothes to my friend who had her son at 23 weeks. Kim always offers to pick up my veg bag from Kingsway Children’s Centre.

We share our physical items, as well as sharing advice and information. Becki is the self styled guru Annabel Karmel with her variations on classic recipes.  We tell each other about useful places to take our babies such as Tiddlers in  Warwick (Mondays and Tuesdays 10am –12pm at Castle Hill Baptist Church) or Tachbrook Tinies at the Bishop’s Tachbrook Sports and Social Club on Thursdays 9.30am till 11am. We let each other know if there’s a bargain to be had at nearly new sales and share clothes between the babies – especially fancy dress outfits!  In fact Daniel was recently featured in the Toddle About magazine dressed as a pea pod.

Even though we meet up a few times a month face to face, we are in online contact throughout the week when baby things come up. This can be any time of the day or night and we always feel we have each other for support / advice / idea sharing or just to let off steam. It’s like a virtual village community.

If you have a baby aged under 18 months and live in Bishop’s Tachbrook we’d love you to get in touch. The group is a great way for your baby to meet the other children he or she will be going to school with and you can get to know other mums going through the same things at the same time.  For more information please contact me