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Pop-up knitted nativity brings about much needed Christmas joy!

Even on the darkest of days, we can find rays of joy in the most unusual places.

In the midst of a bleak winter with the virus doing its best to dampen the Christmas sparkle; there are reminders of the sheer brilliance of our community life.  Covid restrictions challenge our natural desire to connect, which is particularly tough at this time of year, so it’s been wonderful this week to witness how we’re still managing to express our family and community bonds, often in highly creative ways.

The festive lights and decorations seem all the brighter thanks to the extra efforts that have been made. So too do the many other creative displays such as this pop-up, knitted, nativity, which appeared on the Bishop’s Tachbrook post box. You can’t help but smile when you contemplate this colourful scene while posting your cards!

Yes, we all know that this was not the Christmas we were expecting, but it remains a poignant moment to reflect on what’s important; our health, our loved ones and the prospect of a brighter future ahead for our community.