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Proposals to deliver green energy on land at Chesterton Fields Farm, Warwickshire

JBM Solar is currently preparing proposals for a temporary solar installation on land at Chesterton Fields, generating sufficient electricity to power over 14,800 Warwickshire homes a year.

The proposals would displace the equivalent of over 370,000 tonnes of CO2 from fossil fuel energy generation over the 40-year lifespan of the project, an equivalent saving equal to the planting of 4.62 million trees. The site will be complemented by considerable biodiversity and landscape enhancements as well as the ability for the site to be used for grazing throughout the operation of the installation.

JBM Solar’s proposals would deliver a number of benefits, including:

  • Providing green energy to power over 14,800 Warwickshire homes
  • The ability for the site to continue to be used for grazing during the lifespan of the project, providing financial security to the landowner and his family who farm the site
  • Helping Warwickshire to play its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with local and national targets
  • The displacement of over 370,000 tonnes of CO2 from equivalent fossil fuel energy
  • The creation of 80 construction jobs
  • Considerable biodiversity and ecological benefits, such as the installation of owl and bird nesting boxes, and wildflower meadows, achieving a biodiversity net gain in excess of 30% (more than 3x the standard)
  • The protection of all trees, ditches and hedgerows on site, with additional tree/hedge planting to further enhance natural value of the site
  • Installation of bee hives on site in partnership with the Good Bee Co, a social enterprise set up to protect and raise awareness about dwindling bee populations through educational and community programmes
  • Free solar installation of 50kw on local community building(s), saving money and further contributing to the decarbonisation of electricity generation

Visit the Ashorne Solar Consultation website for more information.