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St Chad’s Churchyard – Thank you to our volunteers

Over the summer months one of our small band of volunteers has cleared all the branches from the bottom corner of our churchyard along with a large amount of dumped, non-compostable, rubbish and trimmed the dead branches off the conifers. (He did have help taking it all for recycling.) He has also cleared the ground nearby.  This was a very big task and because of his hard work the area looks so much better already.

The only problem remaining was the big dip in the ground level that the removal of so much rubbish had created. The contractors of the St Chad Centre were asked if we could use some of the topsoil removed from the foundations to remedy the situation. This topsoil is now at the bottom of the churchyard and the job of levelling it will be completed over the coming months, effectively enlarging the churchyard’s capacity.

Thanks to a grant from the Parish Council and the generosity of parishioners, the hedge at the bottom of the churchyard will be renovated and replanted where necessary.

We apologise for the delay in mowing this area of the churchyard during this extensive but necessary work.

St Chad’s Parochial Church Council