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Suggest your best to name the new fleet of street sweeper vehicles

Sweeping Beauty? Shaun the Sweep? The Grim Sweeper? These could be the names of Warwick District Council’s new fleet of street sweeper vehicles as the Council invites residents to ‘suggest their best’.

Running from 26 August until 20 September, the Council is asking residents to suggest names for the five street sweeper vehicles which are part of the new street cleansing contract with idverde. The chosen names will be proudly displayed on each of the new vehicles.

To make your suggestions, visit and give us your best name – just remember to keep it fun but clean! For the purposes of privacy, the Council are requesting that full names of people are not suggested, though nicknames and pet names are welcome.

The sweeper vehicles are responsible for keeping the road network across the 110 square miles of Warwick District clean and clear of litter and other debris. They are supported by a dedicated team of street cleansing operatives who sweep, litter pick, empty litter bins, remove weeds, remove hazardous waste and grafitti, as well as many other things to keep the district clean and tidy.

The sweeper vehicles sweep up approx. 3,000 tonnes of litter and debris every year – that’s the same weight as approximately 600 elephants![1] This all gets sent to a specialist facility in Coleshill which separates out different fractions such as sand, aggregates, metals and organic waste for recycling. It also reclaims the water at the end of the process to use in the system again.

You can also find out more about the Council’s approach to tackling litter and enter your suggestion at EcoFest, which takes place at the Pump Room Gardens on Saturday 4 September 2021 from 10am to 5pm.

[1] Based on the average weight of an elephant being 5 tonnes