The love of God extends over the whole of creation.  It is the firm Christian belief that every life is precious to God.  As Christians, we believe that there is hope in death as in life, and that after death there is the Easter promise of new life in Christ.

Whatever the circumstances may be, the death of a loved one is immensley painful.  Even those with the strongest belief in the resurrection will experience a sense of loss that is very real.  In a funeral service, we come to express our feelings as we gather to pay our respects and to say farewell.  We gather to remember our loved one before God, to give thanks for their life, to commend them to God’s infinite mercy, and to comfort one another in our grief.

There are many different reasons why a bereaved family may wish to hold their loved one’s funeral at St Chad’s.  For the majority it is because they live in the parish but for others it may be that the deceased was married or baptised at the church or it may be where their formative years were spent.

When a loved one dies the first thing to do is to contact a funeral director. There are a number of reputable companies in Leamington, Warwick, Stratford and Wellsbourne.

For more information, call Reverend Jonathan Smith on 01926 564402 or email