Your child’s Baptism, or their Christening as it is sometimes known, is the beginning of an exciting journey of faith.  It is a special celebration in which we thank God for His gift of life and we publically thank God for His love.  Baptism is also the service through which your child becomes a member of the Christian family of the Church.  Together with the godparents, you are invited to make promises on your child’s behalf, which involve turning away from selfishness and all that is evil, in order to turn towards Christ.  Baptism is not only for infants, however, teenagers and adults can also be baptised.

There is an option to have a Thanksgiving for the birth of a child instead of baptism. This does not require the same commitment of parents and godparents to encourage their children in the Christian faith.

A common question associated with baptism is about godparents; who can be a godparent and who is a suitable person. People have lots of reasons for choosing a particular person to be godparent to their child but usually it is a relative or close friend who can be trusted to have the interests of the child at heart. Godparents have to be prepared to stand alongside you and with you, promise to bring the child up to know the Christian faith and to encourage them in that faith.

Traditionally boys have two godfathers and one godmother and girls have two godmothers and one godfather.

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