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AC Lloyd will be constructing the long-anticipated traffic calming measures

New traffic calming measures will be constructed on Mallory Road in August 2022.

Working in collaboration with AC Lloyd, Warwickshire County Council & Community Speed Watch, the Parish Council is pleased to have delivered another significant road safety enhancement.
The scheme consists of an extension to the 30mph zone & a raised table at the entrance to the new Mallory Gardens estate. It is the third part of the Parish Council’s plan to improve road safety in the village part of the parish & compliments the raised table, mini roundabout & pedestrian refuge already constructed on Oakley Wood Road.
Cllr Leigh Carter has been the driving force behind these schemes and said:
With all the new housing being constructed in the parish, we have seen a significant increase in commuter traffic using Oakley Wood Road & Mallory Road. Our Speed Watch team have recorded significant numbers of drivers passing through the village at high speeds with little regard for the community. As well as being a danger to pedestrians, cyclists & other road users it is also a source of considerable anxiety for residents, negatively affecting their mental health & eroding the quality of village life. These schemes, when taken as a whole, leave drivers in no doubt they are travelling through a village & not the open road & encourage them to moderate their speeds accordingly”.