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Council to discuss further measures to protect wildlife on St Mary’s Lands

Warwick District Council’s Executive is set to discuss proposals to change the hours of model aeroplane flying on St Mary’s Lands. The changes follow consultation with the St Mary’s Lands Working Party and an assessment by an independent ecologist. The adjustments are part of a package of potential measures being considered to protect bird nesting sites on St Mary’s Lands during the breeding season.

Alongside plans to alter the flying hours, the Council is seeking approval to consult over the installation of temporary barriers during the nesting season to prevent ground nesting birds being trampled and disturbed. The initiative forms part of the Masterplan for the Warwick open space to protect and enhance the site’s value to our native wildlife. This year has also seen the successful introduction of a wild flower area to provide a crop suitable for bird feeding and the creation of four wetland areas.

These proposals being put forward will not affect any footpaths or public rights of way.