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Harbury Lane Active Travel Connections – summary of community engagement

Earlier this Autumn, Warwickshire County Council asked local people for feedback on the outline designs for improved Active Travel Connections along Harbury Lane, between Europa Way and Tachbrook Road.  They had a good response to the online survey and also met with a number of local residents and councillors at drop-in events in Heathcote and Leamington Spa.

They have now produced a summary of the community engagement, including detailed results from the survey and key themes from discussions.  They will shortly be adding this summary to an updated scheme web page: Proposed cycle schemes – have your say – Warwickshire County Council.

The next steps for this project include more detailed design work for the paths and street lighting, which will incorporate some of the suggestions from the community engagement.  Warwickshire County Council will also be looking at land dedication with Warwick District Council and commissioning an ecological survey.  A scheme programme is being prepared and they are considering delivery in two phases, starting at Oakley Wood Road/ Tachbrook Road and working towards Europa Way:

  • Phase 1 – Oakley Wood Road/ Tachbrook Road to Earl Rivers/ Gallagher Way, possibly starting in Summer 2024 – subject to other highway works being completed at Oakley Wood Road junction, and successful completion of the Cycle Tracks Order/ land dedication process.
  • Phase 2 – Earl Rivers/ Gallagher Way to Europa Way/ Gallows Hill/ Heathcote Lane, possibly in 2025, subject to programme of works on Europa Way corridor.