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Oakley Wood Road school entrance and junction improvement


This information leaflet is to inform Residents, businesses, and other stakeholders of the upcoming works that Balfour Beatty will be undertaking to create the formal entrance to the new Oakley School and upgrade the existing junction at Harbury Lane to further accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

Oakley Wood Road School road improvements

What will be happening? 

Balfour Beatty aims to complete most of these works with the use of temporary traffic signals that will replace the existing permanent signals.

How will this work?

During peak times the temporary traffic signals will mirror the existing permanent signals so, hopefully, your journey will not be delayed.

During off peak times, Balfour Beatty will move / extend one of the traffic signal heads down the road to cover our works area and keep both the passing motorist safe from the works and the works safe from passing traffic.

For this system to work, Balfour Beatty will need to set the temporary signals to a “4-phase” working sequence. This may cause a slight delay due to the number of traffic movements; however, by doing this they are able to maintain traffic movements in all directions during the majority of the works.

The only exception to this will be the carriageway surfacing operation. This will have to be done with the use of a road closure due to the size of the plant and equipment required and because the whole width of carriageway will be worked on. To minimise disruption these works have been planned for nights over two weekends.

Some works will be carried out on the verge or where road widths allow by coning off working areas without the need for traffic signals.

What will happen first?

Phase 1 & 1A: The old and overgrown footway on the east side of Oakley Wood Rd will be reinstated, with a stone foundation and amber gravel topping. This will allow for pedestrians to use the path and safely avoid most of the work areas. Balfour Beatty has already cut the hedges and overgrowth back to avoid the bird nesting season that may have delayed works.

For the remainder of the works, Phase 2 through to completion Balfour Beatty has included a chart and plan below. Hopefully you see that all, efforts have been made to minimise delays.

Oakley Wood Road School road improvements

Phase A (Accommodation works) – Reinstatement of east footpath – 18/3/24 to 28/3/24.

Phase 1 – Road widening & drainage to east carriageway – 2/4/24 to 12/4/24.

Phase 2 – New school vehicle bell mouth entrance – 15/4/24 to 30/4/24.

Phase 3 – Road widening to west carriageway – 1/5/24 to 8/5/24.

Phase 4 – Oakley Wood Rd / Harbury Lane junction improvement works – 9/5/24 to 30/5/24.

Phase 5 – Carriageway resurfacing & road markings for new right hand turn lane (under nighttime road closure) – 18/5/24 to 9/6/24.

Health & Safety

Please be careful when travelling through the works either in a vehicle, cycle or on foot. Please follow on-site signage, walkways and assistance from traffic and pedestrian marshals.


The site supervisor`s will be communicating regularly with Warwickshire County Council and update on progress during the works.

Balfour Beatty would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your anticipated co-operation and hope that the works are delivering improvements that will meet your expectations.